Speaker Camp Atlanta

Speaker Camp Atlanta helps you get prepared for Conference Submission Season™! Spend your Saturday with us and get prepared to get on stage and show your smarts!


You’ve Got A Lot To Say.
People Deserve to Hear It.

You don’t need to picture people in their underwear to get up on stage and share what you know. You do, however, need to have a compelling idea along with a well-written abstract and a well-structured, well-prepared presentation in order to give the talk you–and your audience–deserve.

Show up with 5 minutes of a presentation and learn from seasoned professionals who have seen their fair share of stages. We’ll provide you with a safe, welcoming environment and help you by providing valuable and actionable feedback that will help you level-up your presentation game.

We can help with that. Come learn with us!

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Samantha Starmer and Russ Unger, both Cranky Talk Faculty alums, have created a single-day curriculum to help guide you from idea to the stage. Bring your best ideas and learn how to put them to work for you!


We are assembling an all-star staff of brilliant staff members to help guide, coach, and mentor you along through the day. They’re bringing their skills and talents to share with you and help you learn from their experiences.

Schedule / Curriculum

We are still fine-tuning the curriculum to make sure we can give you the best possible Speaker Camp Atlanta. Please stay tuned to learn more about the full day schedule, which includes brainstorming your ideas, understanding abstract structure and format, crafting your abstract, and much, much more!

Registration & Morning Beverages
    Brainstorming Your Big Idea
    How to Write Your Bio
    How to Write Your Proposal / Abstract
Critique Proposals / Abstracts
Presentation Tips & Techniques
Trial by Fire (Presentations & Critique)


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